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Preparing to return home after ‘house-sitting’ a relative’s house about 100 miles away. The reason for the getaway was to be able to concentrate on a strict (but very healthy) change of diet to induce weight loss in preparation for serious heart surgery to be done either late summer, early fall. No distractions here. The only food in the house was healthy and there have been no temptations for the impulsivity that seems to be a big part of his life. I place a plate of food in front of him three times a day, and health snacks between meals and at bedtime. All and stay at about 1200 calories. In the two months we’ve been here, he has dropped almost 15 pounds. It’s been a huge success in several ways. One is that he now tells me I am giving him too much food, that he can’t eat it all. Hooray! Before he would eat seconds and thirds and still be standing in front of the frig grazing for more. The main ingredient to this new way of eating really has been based on portion size — smaller unhealthy portions, and larger healthy. I.e., lots of vegetables and grains and good carbs, and 3-4 oz meat at a single sitting instead of the 1/2 pound burgers and steaks he had been used to.

I hadn’t meant to get off on the eating. I started this out of frustration because we’re preparing to leave, and I asked him yesterday and again this morning to be sure that the back of his SUV was completely cleared out so we can begin loading it up this afternoon without interference from the myriad of clutter that has accumulated during our stay. A few minutes ago I handed him his (large) suitcase, which I packed (he has lost the ability to organize) for him, and suggested he take it with him since he was headed to town for something. His response? “Well, I can’t do that right now because the back end is a mess.” AAAARRRGGGH. It’s hard to bite my tongue. And I didn’t. And he went off in a huff. I said, “Why do you think I’ve been reminding you to clean out the back?” He said, “Well, everything is clean. I thought you meant get rid of anything that was dirty.” Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. And this is going to get worse. Where, oh, dear God, will I find the strength to get through this?

I had to vent. This is only one example of what goes on on a daily basis. Eventually it’s my desire to log those things. Maybe someone out there will relate.


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